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A Jack and Jill is the modern day bridal shower. Instead of just a gathering of the bride and her female friends and family members, the party invites both the bride and groom’s friends and family to celebrate as a group. Both the Bride and Groom are in attendance with a variety of games set up to play during the Jack and Jill.

Sometimes Jack & Jill’s will feature a silent auction or raffle for the guests to raise money to help pay for the wedding. Testa’s Banquet Facility has a variety of options for your Jack and Jill celebration. Because Jack and Jill’s are very specific to the couples involved, our facility can transform into the exact look and feel you’re going for. Whether you need dance floor space, or plenty of room at the bar, we’re able to customize your choices for a more than successful event.

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Testa’s Banquet Facility collaborates with several local banquet vendors including DJ Entertainment, Photography, and Bakers.


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